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What is this?

What is this?
A coral reef
A plant
A tennis ball

What you see here is a red tennis ball used in a classroom for 3 months magnified 100 times. You can see all the dust, dead skin, mould and bacteria in the tennis ball, basically everything that is not red. Below is a clean red tennis ball using the same magnification.

tennis ball

A study that shows: "Asthma is the major chronic illness of children in America. Nearly 9 million children under the age of 18 (that's 12% of all children) have been diagnosed with the condition and children miss much of their schooling due to chronic illness from the condition (over 12.8 million school days are lost each year according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology)". The tennis balls are a health hazard because they emit respiratory irritants, accumulate dust and dirt and literally become dust bombs by the end of the school year. The large dark interior of the tennis ball is also a perfect breeding ground for mould, bacteria and dust mites. Let's face it, tennis balls were never made for chairs.

Environmental Sustainability

garbage pile 1 Flexi-Felt vs 15+ tennis balls

Did you know that along with your school's recycling and composting program, by using Flexi-Felt® instead of tennis balls you're also contributing in reducing your environmental impact?

The Flexi-Felt® is made of a wool blend felt and is much more biodegradable than the synthetic tennis balls. It is also 4 times smaller and is guaranteed 5 years, thus using 20 times less landfill space over 5 years! Since the Flexi-Felt® also protects the flooring very well, you also reduce the need for harsh cleaning and wax stripping chemicals by 2/3 while reducing energy requirements as well with regard to cleaning and polishing equipment. Not only do you save the environment, but you save thousands of dollars a year, guaranteed!