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Corner Clamp Furniture Corner Protector

91000 - Pack of 4 Corner Clamps

Pack of 4 Corner Clamps

The Corner Clamp serves many functions:

  1. Protecting your toddlers from the sharp corners of your furniture
  2. Protecting elderly people from head injuries caused from falling onto a sharp furniture
  3. Protecting the furniture from impacts in high traffic areas, especially useful for movers

The corner clamp is made with a washable highly resistant clear rubber. It is very easy to install and requires no damaging screws or adhesives. Not only does it protect from top impacts like most other competitive products, but also protects from bottom impacts as well. This is especially useful with toddlers and while moving furniture as it offers complete corner protection. Its crystal clear appearance matches any décor.

  1. If you have toddlers, you know how much they love to explore and run around. You also know how fragile their heads are. What could happen if they tripped and fell onto a sharp table corner? The corner clamp will keep your toddlers safe from those corners.
  2. Did you know that one of the main causes of injury for elderly people living alone is injury due to a fall, which many times ends with head trauma due to impact on a table corner? Although we can’t help with the fall, we can make sure it doesn’t end tragically on a sharp table corner.
  3. Not only does the corner clamp protect your furniture in high traffic areas, it also protects your furniture during moving. As an added benefit, they will also protect your walls during moving. Did you know that most of the damage done during a home move is wall damage from sharp corners of tables and furniture?

The corner clamp is designed to fit tables ranging in thicknesses of from ½” to 1”.

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