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7506 Complete Mop kit

7506 Complete Mop kit

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Silver Mop Pro Microfiber Mop, pads and Clear Clean Pro 

Do you have beautiful floors?  Are you looking for a soft mop that is environmentally friendly and won’t leave any chemical residue on your floors or have non-biodegradable throw away pads? Well, we have something great to show you.  This kit comes with a 16.5" (42cm) mop, 2 pads and a 32oz (946ml) spray bottle of our clear clean pro.

If you think all mops are created equal, think again. The Silver Mop Pro, a new addition to the Flexi-Felt product line has the same qualities upheld from the creators of the Flexi-Felt.


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  • Made from superior parts and raw materials
  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Durability unobtainable in normal retail stores
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

This mop is made with high quality aluminum, making it very strong yet very light as well. The telescopic handle can withstand up to 100lbs of weight before collapsing, allowing you to really scrub and remove those tough stains. The average retail telescopic mop will crush under only 20lb. Another strong point is the fact that the Velcro is embedded into the aluminum base plating 


  What this means to you is that you will never have to replace the mop head because the Velcro falls off like the cheap replicas that have the Velcro stuck on with cheap double face tape instead of having it permanently embedded into the metal base like the Silver Mop Pro.


The Silver Clear Pro pads are made from microfibers. Microfiber contains microscopic fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfibers have sharp edges because they are split during their production. This allows these incredibly thin yet strong fibers to penetrate the smallest holes and crevices of the surface to be cleaned and trap dust and dirt. It does wonders with oil and grease due to its polymer composition.

The superior cleaning ability of microfibers will allow you to reduce your need for harsh chemicals and detergents by up to 80%.