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News Bulletins

  • Now Selling Hands Free Door Openers

    IEG, the creators of the line of Flexi-Felt floor protectors is selling door openers that do not require using your hands. During the Covid-19 and after, it is great to be able to open doors using your foot instead of your hands. This eliminates the transfer of germs on the hands at a very reasonable price. Installation is easy and clean up is a breeze with it's moulded design.

    Celebrating our 15th anniversary

    it's been 15 years already.  We are celebrating 15 years of great products and innovation at  Stay tuned as we will have new products, contests and discounts throughout the year.  Thanks for supporting us.

    Creator of Flexi-Felt at Midwest Fasteners

    Midwest Fasteners has joined the Flexi-Felt family of distributors and has graciously requested the creator of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors to come and familiarize their sales reps on the Flexi-Felt product line. Pierre Desmarais will be presenting the product line to 70 of Midwest Fasteners sales reps in Kalamazoo. More news to come following the completion of this presentation!

    Mississippi Coast Flooring Market

    We recently attended the Mississippi Coast Flooring Market to assist Crescent Hardwood Supply  sell Flexi-Felt products in Biloxi, Mississippi. We were delighted to meet so many new clients and flooring enthusiasts! Many thanks to all of those who stopped by.

    Customize Your Rudolphe 3000

    Did you know that the Rudolphe 3000 can be customized? Engrave your child’s name on the back or get creative and come up with a unique message of your own!

    Since their introduction in October of 2018 thousands have been sold! Get your own so your child can enjoy modern comfort and a smooth ride in a vintage-looking sled.

    Prosol BBQ

    Thank you to everyone who visited us at Prosol's BBQ in Quebec City last Tuesday! 

    College Laurentien visit!

    IEG was at College Laurentien last Friday where students were given the opportunity to purchase an EcoShelf. Parents and students alike liked the product! EcoShelves were purchased and immediately put to use in their lockers. If you or a student you know would like to order one, visit!

    Prosol BBQ

    Tomorrow we'll be at Prosol's BBQ in Montreal, QC. Be sure to visit us! 

    Prosol BBQs

    We will be at Prosol BBQs on Aug. 15 in Montreal and Aug. 28 in Quebec City. Stop by to see us!

    Carpet One Show

    Montreal, get ready! On July 25, we will be at the Carpet One show. Feel free to visit our booth!

    Thank you, Tugg’s Furniture Gallery!

    This Thank-You-Thursday, we'd like to say thanks to Tugg’s Furniture Gallery in Cobourg, ON! Since 1930, Tugg's has been a leader in style, quality and service, and Flexi-Felt has been available there since August, 2016. Check out their website to see the freshest designs at lower prices than you'd expect.

    Prosol Durox BBQ follow up

    Thank you to everyone who dropped by at the Prosol Durox BBQ! We are thrilled that our new wood floor display and laser engraved mops received overwhelmingly positive reactions.

    Prosol London Client Appreciation Event

    We will be showing our new wooden floor displays at the London Prosol Durox BBQ on the 20th of June.  We`ll also have our custom laser engraved mops to show..

    Coming soon

    Coming soon: the Rudolph 3000 will be introduced July 2018. Want to find out what this new innovative product is? Keep checking our website and visit our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)!

    Canadian Furniture Show in Mississauga

    We're at the Canadian Furniture Show at the International Centre in Mississauga today! We'll be there until May 27th!, so come and see us! 

    Canadian Mega Group Mad Dash Trade Show

    Today we're at the annual Canadian Mega Group Mad Dash Trade Show! Come and see us at booth 2267 for great deals!

  up and running!

    IEG, the makers of Flexi-Felt, have a brand new website! Check it out at!

    EcoShelf organizers available!

    We're excited to announce that is up and running!  Order your locker, closet and under-sink organizer today!

    Wooden displays now available!

    Our new wooden displays for Flexi-Felt and Silver Mop Pro products are ready! Contact us to order one today.

    Toronto Furniture Show

    We will be at the Toronto Furniture Show from May 25th to 29th.  We will be right in front of the Mega Group booth in building 4.  We will be showing our new bedframe table top display as well as our new toolless furniture.  You have to come and see this! Really! No tools needed to assemble the furniture.