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News Bulletins

  • EcoShelf - It's Not Too Late

    If your child doesn't have an EcoShelf locker organizer and is having trouble finding things in their locker, it's not too late to get one. Order an EcoShelf locker organizer today and have it by Friday to install in the locker. No tools needed.

    Out of Stock

    You will note that some of our commercial Flexi-Felt floor protectors are marked as being Out of Stock. This is only temporary due to the large demand for these products. They are NOT discontinued. We have been experiencing some challenges in acquiring raw materials from our suppliers due to Covid-19 impact.  We worked tirelessly to sort out and resolve these problems. We just received confirmation that raw materials should be arriving soon for a number of our products.

    We greatly appreciate your support and understanding in these unprecedented times.

    Sneeze Guards for Covid 4th Wave

    If you don't have your sneeze guards in place for the 4th wave of Covid-19, do it now. IEG can cut them to the size that you need.

    Black Rubber Model 6326 for Swivel Feet

    This model is great for swivel feet on school chairs and desks, but did you know that it also works great on other furniture with swivel feet. It works on kitchen chairs and tables, on adjustable restaurant tables with swivel feet etc.

    It’s great on black or dark furniture. A durable product from our commercial line of floor protectors.

    What Floor Protectors Do I Buy?

    Are you moving soon, replacing your carpet with wood floors or have finally decided to protector your floors and have a lot of furniture that needs floor protection? Flexi-Felt offers 4 packs of adhesive felt pads in various sizes and quantities on sale. Great product and a great value to protect your floors.

    Prolink 2021 annual trade show

    We have just finished Prolink's virtual tradeshow.  All our valued distributors have been updated with our new product lines and videos.  We are really excited to move forward with them as all businesses are starting to reopen. developing a furniture line

    We are putting the finishing touches on our new Simplici-T preschool furniture line.  This will be a great addition to our current offering of quality products.

    New outdoor models coming soon

    We have been working to create a Flexi-Felt for outdoor furniture for years.  Stay tune as we will be rolling out our newest models soon.

    New Custom Sneeze Guards

    Now that plexiglass shields are the new norm.  It's time to think long term and replace the bootstrap shower curtain used as a sneeze guard for an actual shield that will look great and convey confidence to the clients coming to your store or restaurant.  We can help you with that.  We have hundreds of custom shapes and designs.

    Celebrating our 15th anniversary

    it's been 15 years already.  We are celebrating 15 years of great products and innovation at  Stay tuned as we will have new products, contests and discounts throughout the year.  Thanks for supporting us.

    Wooden displays now available!

    Our new wooden displays for Flexi-Felt and Silver Mop Pro products are ready! Contact us to order one today.