No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

About Us

Innovative High Quality Solutions for Floor Protection

Innovation Engineering Group, creator of the Flexi-Felt, is committed to delivering the most quality, long lasting solutions for floor protection. With years of experience, our staff provides the highest level of service in a courteous manner. Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction while helping our customers to reduce maintenance cost with the added benefit of protecting the environment. The majority of the manufacturing is done in North America with plans to have it all transferred to North America within the next seven years. With the help of our many distributors, retail stores and sales representatives, Flexi-Felt is becoming known as THE best floor protection product that everyone needs. These trained professionals help people find the best floor protection solutions while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. We all understand the uniqueness of furniture. We’ve dealt with the challenges of schools that have noisy furniture that affect student concentration to student’s latex and dust allergies. Whether it’s noisy furniture at an aquarium, in a seniors’ residence, university, hospital, hotel or your home, we have the solution. We are constantly creating new products to protect floors from the new furniture pieces that are being introduced to the market.

Our team continues to research new products and procedures to improve all aspects from the ordering of raw material to the installation of our product. We constantly try to maintain or improve quality while trying to keep the cost down. From a product created in one of the owners’ basement to product being sold across North America for almost 15 years and now sold in Europe and Australia.