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Eco-Shelf Triple

2300 series - Eco-Shelf Triple

Triple Eco-Shelf

See it in action here.
The triple shelf Eco-Shelf has long 34” high supports and can be configured to accommodate more space under the bottom shelf for large boots or more space for books and other items. Its thin construction will maximize locker space. Its minimalist biodegradable design is also environmentally friendly. It is perfect for thinner lockers where you need to maximize every little bit of space. The Eco-Shelf has a 5 year breakage warranty against anything your kid can do to it once installed properly. The Eco-Shelf comes in 5 widths, make sure you measure the outer locker width to get the proper shelf system (see picture).

To install simply place both supports in the locker on either side and wedge the first shelf at the desired height. Then place the other 2 shelves. You can flip the supports upside down to get a different height configuration if you want to more or less space on the bottom shelf. For detailed installation instructions please see our installation video.

2300 series - Eco-Shelf Triple
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