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2200 series Eco-Shelf Dual shelf model

The Dual Eco-Shelf System

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Help your kids organize their lockers now with a most durable locker shelf available. The dual shelf EcoShelf is configurable and incredibly strong. It can hold up to 450 lbs before breaking. You can install it in seconds without any tools, hardware or adhesives.

The double EcoShelf has 24” high supports and can be configured to accommodate more space under the shelf for large boots or for books and other items. It's 10" deep to allow room for storing baseball bats, hockey sticks etc. in front of the shelves. Its thin construction will maximize locker space. Its minimalist biodegradable design is also environmentally friendly. It is perfect for wider lockers or if you need more space for winter coats and bulky clothing. The EcoShelf has a 5 year breakage warranty against anything your kid can do to it once installed properly.

The EcoShelf comes with our perfect fit to any locker guarantee. So rest assured that even if you chose the wrong size we will make it right for you and get you the perfect size a no extra cost. So you can order a great North American product now. Although 12" lockers are by far the most popular locker size, the EcoShelf is available in 5 widths. Make sure you measure the outer locker width to get the proper shelf system. A 12" locker is a bit larger than a horizontal sheet of paper, a 9" locker is a bit wider than a vertical sheet of paper (see where to measure picture).

To install simply place both supports in the locker on either side and wedge the shelf at the desired height. You can flip the supports upside down to get a different height configuration if you want to have more or less space under the shelf.


2200 series Eco-Shelf Dual shelf model
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