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This section shows all the Flexi-Felt designed for swivel glides.  In order to get the right model.  Please look at the Swivel glide model selection document
Flexi-Felt Model 6328
Designed specifically to fit high angle larger tubing swivel footing, the new heat shrink 6328 Flexi-Felt® model is the perfect solution for some of the newer furniture or those classroom where if it's not bolted to the ground kids will break it.  The new Flexi-Felt 6328 is the only floor protector in the industry that has a lifetime warranty against removal.  I don't care if the kids use their hands, their feet or their teeth! this is not coming off.

See it in action here
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Flexi-Felt Model 6331
Designed specifically to fit thick swivel footing (1/2" elevation or more), the patented 6331 Flexi-Felt®model is one of the most durable models. In our durability tests, it outlasted tennis balls 45 to 1. It is the perfect solution for high schools and universities that want to drastically reduce their floor maintenance costs or reduce noise furniture movement noise in the classrooms.
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Flexi-Felt Gift Card
Flexi-Felt Gift cards are great to offer the person that has everything (except great floor protection).
Price: $20.00
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